Automatic Full-Function Test Stations

BW Technologies Gas Detectors are the most advanced portables in the world. The only way to verify that any gas detector will respond to gas is to test it with gas - a sensor may become plugged with dirt or debris, and gas will not enter. All detectors should be periodically tested with gas.
Automatic full-function Test Stations are an economical solution for companies that use a large number of gas detectors. Designed specifically for testing numerous units, Test Stations eliminate the risk of exposing personnel to toxic test-gas by providing a fast, safe and easy method of testing detector response to gas.


  • Detector fully tested in 10-30 seconds
  • Easy and fully automatic
  • PASS/FAIL advice on each test
  • Test Stations verify all functions:
    - Sensor response to gas
    - Speed of response
    - Visual LED alarm activation
    - Audible alarm activation
  • Economical use of test gas
  • Test Stations come complete with regulator, reinforced Teflon test-hose, AC wall-mount adaptor and 9-volt battery
  • Over 350 units tested on one 9-volt battery





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